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We had not encountered a positive experience using performance and construction bonds, however this changed once we partnered with PCBS. Now, we cannot imagine conducting our business without them. Providing our clients with guarantees as opposed to cash assists us immensely in the financing of contracts and our monthly cash flow projections. PCBS’ friendly hands-on staff and management are always professional and helpful in providing us with consistently efficient service

— Rob Taljaard, Project Executive, Prefab Design Services

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At METQUIP, we understand the importance of providing guarantees in a correct and timely manner in order to strengthen client perception of our operating companies.  In this regard, PCBS is an ally. My experience, over years, dealing with banks as suppliers of bonds was one of bureaucracy and associated slowness in the total procedure from application to delivery. PCBS has helped streamline the process to make our facility workable and the process of obtaining the physical documents as painless as possible. I am constantly impressed by the high level of service and spirit of cooperation I receive from PCBS and its staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty many times. Always friendly and efficient, dealing with PCBS on matters such as the annual review and provision of bonds for non-RSA registered companies is now quite palatable

— Gary Crawford, Business Development Manager, METQUIP Group.

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With construction projects often being capital intense, partnering with PCBS does much to ease any cash flow constraints. It’s an affordable and uncomplicated alternative to approaching a regular bank to get a performance or warranty bond. Previous efforts to obtain performance guarantee and construction bonds ended up being labour intensive and not worth the effort, but PCBS has made the process relatively hassle-free. Their service is uncomplicated and personal

— Georg C. Brandner, Administration Manager, August General Servicing S.A. (PTY) LTD.

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